Should I Do Google Adwords For My Trade Business?

How Google Adwords Can Help Your Business

If you’re looking for the right marketing investment then Google Adwords may be the perfect tool for your trade business.

Why Google Adwords?

Google Adwords gives you instant exposure on the top pages of Google search results.

You can tailor the service depending on your target region and audience. It’s a convenient way to attract more customers to your website.

It helps you show up for relevant searches when customers are looking for your services. For example, a customer searching for a local plumber may type in “local plumber” or “sydney plumber” etc. With the right Google Adwords campaign, your Ad can pop up instantly on their screen.

How To Get Those Clicks Converting To Sales?

Google Adwords will help you get the clicks but it’s important to remember, that clicks do not mean a “sale.”

Also depending on the trade you are in, it can be very expensive to compete for certain keywords. For instance, clicks for electricians and plumbers can be as high as $30 a click, meaning you can waste hundreds of dollars a day on clicks that don’t convert.

There are a number of factors that influence your conversions with a Google Adwords campaign.

One is your website! Your website should be effective enough to communicate your services, points of difference and contact details to get the phone ringing.

Second is the Ad wording!  It is important to make sure the words you use appeal to the people you want to attract. Avoid words like “lowest”, “cheapest” if you want to attract high quality customers.  Take a close look at other Ads to get a better idea. Try and focus on your points of difference.

Likewise, consider other efforts like SEO and linking to other reputable websites. Becoming affiliated with trusted networks like Tradebusters Connect that build your reputation can get those clicks converting.

Need help with your Google Adwords campaign? Why not contact us today!

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