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5 Ways For A Tradie To Screen Customers

Are customers wasting your time?

Being a tradie comes with its benefit as well as its drawbacks. One of the major challenges every tradie faces is time management, especially in an industry where giving “Free Quotes” is expected.

The problem with free quotes is they’re FREE. And because they’re free, it allows customers to use and even abuse your time.

Sadly, “time wasting” customers cannot be detected automatically.

So, how can you ensure you do not waste your time with customers that are just “fishing around”?

As a tradie, one of the necessary things to do is screen your potential customers carefully.

5 ways to screen customers

  1. Give a price guide over the phone

Doing this saves more time, and petrol. Offering a price guide over the phone lets the customer know beforehand what they can expect.

And if you manage to do this well, you’ll get an immediate “Gut- Feel” as to if they’re fishing or serious.

  1. Ask the customer what their budget is

Again, this will help you get a feel as to how far they’re in the process. Some will have no idea in which case you can provide a price guide.

You will be surprised at how many customers will suddenly change their mind about doing a job, as soon as they know the cost….especially if it’s two or three times more than they imagined.

  1. Ask a customer for their project timelines

Imagine driving all the way to someone’s house to quote a paint job, only for them to tell you they urgently need it done next week?

There is no point spending your time quoting on a job that you will never be available to complete. Always ask before you go out and quote.

  1. Ask “that” question

Sometimes, you might just have to find your own special way to get “that” question out…

“Have you got other quotes and how many?”

What tradie doesn’t want to know where they stand? And when the process of giving a free quote could consume hours of your precious time, then we say…do not hold back!

  1. Be honest about how you work

Yes, this is also important. The essence of timing is vital to both parties. And you would be doing yourself a greater good by being honest about how you work, what you can deliver and even what makes you stand out as the better choice.

And finally, you can also try charging a small service fee to cover your time quoting and refund if the job goes ahead. Good luck!

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