4 Ways For Tradies To Work The Business

Why Tradies Sometimes Need to STOP!

Many tradies in businesses struggle with breaking through that glass ceiling and achieving huge success because the owners are stuck working in the business rather than on it. It’s important to stop. Don’t lose contact with your current business plan, your projects, or your staff.

Here we will talk about our four main tips on how you can ensure your business is growing rather than staying stagnant.

1. Gather your information

We understand your days are busy and things need to get done. So whilst you may be rushing around operating the business, just take a second here and there to save information you can come back to. It might be interesting article, link, email, document, or inspiration you come across. But doing this and then setting aside a time each week (1-2 hours) can help to rejuvenate your inspiration and zest for growth. It can help you gain new perspectives and help you stay motivated for success.

2. Take time out

The same way you are spending time reading and educating yourself, spend 1-2 hours alone thinking. Yes, thinking. Grab a pen and paper and think about your trade business. Think about what is happening, how it is going, where it is heading, and consider your threats and weaknesses. Don’t forget you started the business with a dream in mind so think about how your current actions are getting you there. You’ll be surprised what you come up with.

3. Surround yourself

Get yourself amongst people that you look up to. Maybe you already have people in mind you admire, or perhaps it’s time to find someone. You can join a group, industry event, network, or search for someone on LinkedIn. You’ll see just how helpful a mentor can be to bounce ideas off and gain feedback. The best mentors will never say no to catching up and will be happy to make time to help you. Aim local and flick an email off to someone you admire.

4. Ask for help (or pay for it)

If you despise admin, accounting, filing, running errands, or other menial tasks – just get someone else to do them. It’s easy enough to hire a freelancer or virtual assistant to manage your emails and they come pretty cheap. Just ensure you test them out first on a small project to make sure they are good. You are better off spending an hour thinking about how to make your business more profitable than spending an hour filing your bank papers. Weigh up your pros and cons and make the decision as to what you want to do.

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