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House Renovation in Sydney Inner West – Tips to a Successful Home Renovation for Homeowners

House Renovation in Sydney Inner West – Tips to a Successful Home Renovation: Planning Ahead

One of the keys to successful home renovations is planning ahead. After I talked to a few homeowners and tradies in the Tradebusters network, I uncovered some great tips to help make your renovation a smashing success. Following these house renovation tips in Sydney’s Inner West will help you avoid the most common mistakes others have made.

House Renovation in Sydney Inner West – Tips to a Successful Home Renovation: The Process

  1. Type of home renovation – What alterations are considering for your home? Maybe you want to increase your kitchen or bath or extend a bedroom? It’s important to determine where and what you are doing for your home renovation. The type of changes you intend to make to your home will determine what tradies will be necessary for your home improvement.
  2. Expense of renovating – Before you begin any kind of project of this nature, it’s wise to know what it will cost. Start by consulting with good local builders about what you are planning so they can offer you an estimated quote in writing. Keep in mind that the lowest bid isn’t always the highest quality bidder, so be aware of the value and reputation of the builder as well as the bid price.  If the costs are beyond what you have available, a loan will be in order.
  3. Expectations of service providers – What should you expect from the tradesmen and professionals who will be walking about on your property? Reliable services are only part of the big picture. You have to do some research and learn about the tradies you will need to use for your renovation. Ask questions like the following:
  • What type of  jobs are you specifically licensed for?
  • Are you fully insured?
  • Do you have a portfolio?
  • What is the time frame to complete this project?
  • Can I speak to some of your other clients in Sydney’s Inner West and, see your work in the area?

House Renovation in Sydney Inner West – Tips to a Successful Home Renovation: Extra services to expect

A good local builder in Sydney’s Inner West will be the primary person you need for renovating a house, especially if structural elements are involved. However, in order to ensure the work is up to standard regulations, other services may be required.  The following tradies and professional service providers could also be need for your house renovation in Sydney Inner West:

  • Cabinet makers – If you are planning a new kitchen, entertainment unit, office, or vanity, a good cabinet maker can help create customised items that suit your needs and lifestyle
  • Bathhroom Renovator – If you are planning to renovate the bathroom, we would suggest talking to a specialist bathroom renovator that can help you manage all the components of your bathroom renovation from waterproofing, tiling, installation of fixtures and fittings as well as plumbing and electrical.
  • Plumbers – Bathroom, kitchen, utility, and other areas where water pipes need to be repaired or placed
  • Electricians – Any home improvement job that affects the electrical wiring or further wiring and outlets
  • Painters – A home improvement project that involves a face lift or additional walls to be built may need you to engage a good local painter
  • Pest control – Ensures that your home is free from harmful pests and bugs
  • Cleaning services – Specialty cleaning services inside and outside the home after the renovations
  • Home removalists – Incase your renovation involves you moving in and out

These are just some of the extra services you may have to consider for your project. We hope these house renovation tips for Sydney’s Inner West will be of help to you for your next home improvement job.

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