How To Get Customers Picking You Up Online

Tradies…it’s time to stand out online

Are you looking for ways to grow your tradie business and get more customers picking you up?

Standing out online is your answer! 

Here are three ways you can do this starting today

  1. Wow them with your website

If a customer plans to engage you or lands on your page through local search, they will see your website. This makes it essential to have a website that gets “attention”.

Afew ways you can do this:

  • Invest in a great look and easy modern layout
  • Make your contact details clearly visible on each page
  • Provide a list of all your services
  • Add a picture of YOU- customers want to see the face behind the business
  • Ensure your site is easy to navigate
  • Share a list of several customer testimonials
  1. Make a great first online impression

People usually turn to the internet to “Google” everyone and everything. I know I do!

What prospects see about you online could be the difference between you getting a phone call for services or your competitor getting that call.

So how can you make a better first impression?

  • Have a very active social media account thats looks “alive”
  • Join reputable networks that give consumers assurance that you are a good recommended choice. Tradebusters Connect is one of them
  • Google your own name and understand what consumers see about you. Assess if it promotes trust and credibility. You can do more work to improve this by being associated with other credible sites.
  1. Build credibility with great testimonials and references

A majority of customers rely on third party sources to decide whether to trust and engage a tradie or not.

Use every opportunity you have online to share your testimonials. These include:

  • Your own website
  • Your social media account; and
  • Trade networks your business is profiled on.

And the more the better!

Now isn’t it time to get your business…. “picked up”?

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