Marketing Trends Dominating Your Business For 2016

What could work for your business?

We are now several months into 2016 and a number of marketing trends are making their mark this year. As most businesses have executed a good part of their marketing strategies, we now take a look what has been working and what could work for your business.

4 Trends To Consider For Your Business

  1. Human Relationships

Some businesses forget that their targets are the core of everything more than just gaining exposure. Never forget that you should be marketing to a real person and speaking to their needs. Customers these days expect messages to be personal.

They expect to be treated more than just a number or a follower.

Create a personal relationship with your audience to encourage long-term customer engagement and brand loyalty.

  1. Mobile Optimisation

Search engines like Google has newfound focus on mobile friendly sites. As more and more people rely on their mobile phones for information, the more important it is for businesses to become more mobile friendly. Mobile advertising is also increasingly proving to be a force to be reckon with in marketing.

Be present in platforms people mostly visit via their mobile phones. Adapt your strategies to mobile usage for better business flow.

  1. Online Reviews

Reviews could be the bread and butter for your business especially for tradies and professional service providers. People will not just take your word for it that you offer excellent products and services. They need to hear it from other people. Online reviews validate your type of service and reputation.

As much as possible, encourage previous customers to provide feedback. This builds up your credibility and portfolio. Consumers are very smart. They know when reviews are genuine or not so be careful about this as well.

  1. Social Media Storytelling

The power of social media in advertising has become unparalleled and it continues through 2016. Social media brings you closer to consumers so you have to be ever present on it. Create content that revolves around storytelling. Narratives are very important because audiences these days identify more with brands that relate to their own stories or real lives.

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