Grow Your Business Through Location-Based Marketing

Get Local With Your Marketing

Successful marketing for small business is changing. From Google to Facebook there seems to be more emphasis on location-based marketing.

Why? Because locals love searching, buying and supporting local business owners mean conversions are likely to be much higher.

Even before digital technology, consumers were already targeted based on their location with letterbox drops and flyers. And in the digital world, it is no different in trying to find and market to your locals, whether you’re a tradie and local professional service provider.

Here are 3 ways how location-based marketing can help your business.

  1. Personalise Your Local Offer

Tech giants like Apple and Google have invested greatly on location information because they both understand how geo-targeted campaigns can impact business.

Personalisation will bring you closer to customers eventually building your business immensely.

If you know where your customers are and how they spend their money, you’ll understand how to approach them better.

  1. Customer Information and Insights

Imagine if your customers turn on their location settings with any device – you can see their consumer patterns depending on the time, location and day. You’ll identify the strategic locations where to put your promotions and get the best business exposure.

Of course, you need to sweeten the spot. In order to encourage people to give you their geo information, you must also offer something back.

How about some discounts for people around the block? Appreciating your customers goes a long away both for your target market and your business.

  1. Get Closer to Consumers

When watching or listening to an ad, we are likely to notice the message more if it has some relation to us. For instance, if you live in the Northern Beaches of Sydney you’ll likely remember an electrician in the Northern Beaches than a “Sydney Electrician”.

People in your location will remember you if you tell them or emphasise that you are just within their local reach. You can gain new customers and “be remembered” if you put in a little effort to personalise your “I’m local” message.

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