Tips of Developing A Successful Online Marketing Campaign

The Questions To Ask Yourself

There are lots of online marketing options out there to choose from. It’s not something you can jump into without research.

Each marketing campaign is different in terms of approach, cost and effectiveness and your role is to make an informed decision on what is right for you.

We list 3 good questions to ask yourself when considering your online marketing campaign.

  1. What Are The  Results I Expect?

Having leads and sales in mind goes without saying when running most online marketing campaign.

You need to define your expectations upfront in numbers. It may be:

  • X number of sales leads
  • X number of phone enquiries
  • X number of event bookings

Knowing the numbers allows you to determine the marketing budget you are prepared to invest in to gain the return on investment you are expecting.

  1.    Are Existing Platforms Impacting Me?

Before you embark on any campaign, consider the best platforms to use and understand how you can best leverage them.

Online platforms change fast. For example, Facebook now is quite different from how it was years ago, meaning businesses aren’t using it in the same way they used to.

Previously, businesses can build an organic following over Facebook and reach consumers that have liked their page rather easily. Now consumers are not getting business feeds as often as they used to due to Facebook changes.

Sad to say, but Facebook seems to give more priority to paid and sponsored ads, which means you may need to respond to that by paying for more ads and promoted posts.

  1. Have I done my research and testing?  

The marketplace we now know is significantly different to 10 years ago.

That being said, you can also jump in and change the game just like anyone else. It is important you research, test and adjust to find what works.

Here are some pointers:

  • Check your current strategy and compare it to your competitors
  • Mix and match to see how one strategy will work against the other
  • Always be ready to change your tactics based on your testing, and what is either working or not working
  • Listen to what people are saying and what your competitors are doing
  • Understand the platforms you are currently using and how they can be leveraged
  • Talk to your target market on the most applicable platform and always be present. Consistency and relevance rank high on consumer perceptions so don’t lose sight of these.
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