Plumber Leads: 3 Ways to Get More Business

Got a plumbing business?

A plumbing business without leads isn’t a business at all, but it can be tough to attract genuine enquiries while warding off the price shoppers. If you operate a plumbing business and you’re struggling to win jobs, you need workable strategies that will get the phone ringing and a decent wage coming in.

All tradies operating in a digital world need to get their business presence online to remain competitive – which means a website, good SEO practices, and trade directories should be as much a part of the toolset as plungers and pipe wrenches.

1.  Build a website

More than 90% of people turn to the internet when researching a new business, but only about half of Australian companies maintain a web presence. Most often, this means a lot of work is going to companies which are online, while the rest miss out.

Getting a web presence up is imperative in a world where just about everyone you want to do business with is using the smartphone in their pocket to find a tradie to do their job.

With platforms like WordPress and Wix making the running of a website easy and affordable, there’s no reason for any business to be without a site. Of course, if you need a more sophisticated website, there are also professional web developers who can create whatever you need.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Getting a website up and running does not mean your work is done and dusted. It will take time for the site to gain traction and start appearing in the search results pages (SERPs), and good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the way to make that happen.

In a nutshell, SEO is a series of processes used on a website to ensure it appears for a given search term. A search term is a phrase people type into the search box on Google.

For instance, if you’re a plumber and you service the Northern Beaches area, then you will want to ensure your content makes some mention of the phrases for which you most want to be found,  such as “Northern Beaches plumber.”

SEO is a vast topic, so most tradies will need to enlist the services of a competent agency to handle the technical details for them.

3. Trade directories

Trade directories are still a haven for attracting traffic due to their ability to show up in the search engines for lots of related search terms. People trust the reviews which are published on these sites almost as much as they believe the word of a relative or a good friend.

While trade directories are a useful tool, unfortunately many will take any listing as long as the money is good. If you want your business to truly stand out then an exclusive listing on a premium platform site like Tradebusters is the way to go, because they don’t list just any old company.

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