10 Little Things That are Huge With Your Customers

Tradies! Scoring Big With Your Customers

Turning every customer into a raving fan should be a top priority for any tradie in business. Why? Because it’s the best way to grow your business.

You will be surprised at how all the little things (that many other tradies don’t do) can totally wow your customers and have them referring you to all their family and friends.

So here is a quick list of 10 little things you can do to score big with your customers.

  1. Be quick to return calls

First impressions count and returning calls is one of them. Very simply, it tells customers you are reliable.

  1. Get your quotes to customers timely

Timely quotes will score you big especially as many other tradies either don’t bother or leave it to weeks afterwards. Set yourself a deadline like “3 days after a site visit” and always communicate to customers when they can expect to receive the quote.

  1. Call and let customers know you are coming

Many customers have a fear of a tradie “not showing” so what a great way to set yourself apart by calling them an hour or two beforehand and letting them know you are on your way.

  1. Take your shoes off at the door

Even the simplest gestures such as taking your shoes off could mean a lot. This tells customers you are respectful of their property.

  1. Clean up on the job, every day

No matter how great your quality of work is, if you leave a mess behind, that is all a customer will remember – the mess!! The best tradies will leave a space cleaner than when they entered it and will always clean up at the end of each day.

  1. Respect the space of your customers

Renovations and repairs could take a toll on your customers. Respecting their space by working quickly and quietly and looking after the property will have your customers totally wowed!

  1. Always wash outside

Please don’t leave a customer horrified by washing your paint brushes in their new kitchen or bathroom sink. Always make a habit of cleaning up outside, in the laundry or in an area the customer has offered for use.

  1. Ask where to park

Going in and out of a property during renovations or repairs may be tricky. Make sure you are never blocking the vehicle of your customers.

  1. Use drop sheets and mats

Always, always use drop sheets and mats when working indoors and outdoors. It sends a great message to your customers about your level of care and professionalism.

  1. Other things

Avoid smoking in the presence of your customers and never leave cans of drinks and food around.

And if you have a team, make sure they understand how all these little things can make a big difference to the growth and future success of your business.

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