7 Ways for Tradies to WOW Customers

Gets Customers Talking and Referring

Have you ever wondered why some tradies are extremely successful in winning over clients and turning them into loyal raving fans?

Firstly, it is nothing to do with price! So let’s get that out of the way.

And I would even go as far as saying, it doesn’t have much to do with doing a “good” job. After all many high quality tradies still fail to leave customers thinking “wow”.

So what gets them talking and referring? It’s tradies with the “wow” factor!

It’s those tradies that set themselves apart by doing all the “little” things that most other tradies don’t do.

Here are 7 sure fire tips on wow-ing your customers – and the best part- you won’t even have to spend a cent!

1. Confirm appointments

You will be surprised to know how many tradies don’t confirm appointment! Don’t leave it to your customers to call you and check if you are coming.

Confirm your appointments ahead of time- at least 24 hours. Even go the extra mile and give them a courtesy call 2 hours before your due arrival time.

And it goes without saying, if you are running late, always call.

2. Remove the shoes!

Be sensitive when going into one’s home. Ask the homeowner whether you should take off your shoes at the front door. Trust me, it will surprise and wow them at the same time.

This is especially important if the house has carpet.

If it’s not possible to remove your shoes due to the type of job you are doing, check they are clean and will not mark their flooring, acknowledge this, and consider using drop sheets.

3. Parking

Ask your customers where you should park your vehicle. Some may not appreciate you parking in their driveway.

4. Do not forget the drop sheets

There is no excuse for not using drop sheets for both internal and external work. This tells customers how meticulous you are about working and that you respect protecting their possessions.

5. Always clean up after yourself

You will never gain referrals from a customer that is left to clean up after you.

The mark of a good tradie is to be professional in everything including the mess you may create. You should clean up at the end of every single day on the job and not just on the last day of the job.

If you expect to create rubbish during the project (e.g. removing old tiles, benchtops, kitchens, decks) do not assume it will simply be dumped in the back corner of yard. You could end up leaving the customer shocked that you have not “cared” to clean up after yourself as very simply… they would “expect” you too.

If there is a cost involved for removing rubbish off-site ALWAYS factor it into your quote and explain that to the customer- in fact, insist upon it as part of the service experience and your level of professionalism.

Customers may “think” they don’t want you to remove the  rubbish as they don’t want the added cost, but the reality is, no matter how great a job you do, seeing a pile of rubbish left outside the house, reduces the overall quality of the job. Don’t let that happen!

6. Wipe areas clean

Wipe down the areas you are working in. This is getting into the super “wow” factor.

Examples are:

  • New kitchens and bathrooms. Wipe down the cabinets and tops. This will totally impress the customer especially if it leaves a nice smell.
  • Built a new home? Surprise your customers with a cleaner on the last day of the job
  • Built a new deck? Give it a nice finish with a good sweep.

7. Washing up- be mindful of where

Don’t horrify your customers by washing paint brushes in their bathrooms or kitchen sink. Yes, it has happened!

ALWAYS ask, where your items can be washed and as a general rule it should NEVER be inside the home.

And if you have a team working for you, it’s important they represent your business professionally so take the time to train them with these 7 “wow” factor tips.

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