Digital Marketing Trends For Aussie Tradies

Tradies Need To Stay Relevant

Technologies improve constantly but there are some marketing trends that won’t go away. As we get into another year, all tradies in business need to make sure they stay as relevant as ever before online.

So what relevant for tradie marketing now?

  1. Mobile content marketing

Mobile content marketing will continue to be big. Studies project it will continue to do so in 2017. In fact, Smart Insights Mobile Marketing Trends report says that over 50% of searches are done on mobile devices.

You can take advantage of this by learning how to tweak your pages and content to appear better on mobile.

  1. Multi-channel marketing24

People are using multiple devices to consume content online. You should also do the same. Do not just advertise on Facebook, try Twitter, Google+ pages and other platforms.

Look at ways to get more online reach like being on reputable Australian directories like Tradebusters Connect. They can help you reach out to more relevant customers in your local area.

  1. Building your online reputation

With the online world getting over competitive, tradies need smarter ways to stand-out online and “get noticed”. That is why there is a trend towards building your online reputation through social platform credibility and online PR.

Our CEO of Tradebusters, Laorence Nohra was quoted in this article by GeoOp

“In the next few years we’ll see the biggest online marketing spend by small businesses on online reputation-building.

If you can establish yourself as a trusted business choice, that’s going to be your secret weapon to cut through all of the competition and online noise.”

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