networking for tradies

Networking For Tradies

Yes…networking is also for tradies!

Let’s face it. As tradesmen, business competition is fierce. It is even becoming harder to get attention online and stand out from other local tradies.

That said, many tradies forget that marketing tactics can be a mixture of both offline and online strategies. As a skilled tradesman, you desire a thriving business that you can sustain and this sometimes requires going outside your comfort zone….like taking time to network.

Networking is not only a great way to generate leads for your business, but if you choose to grow and learn from other like-minded business owners, then that’s where networking can be extremely powerful.

Below are some ways you can network as a tradie:

Get out into local networking groups

Finding a local networking group can help you get noticed. This group could become a free commercial that gives you much more attention.

Just imagine meeting other business owners at networking groups that would be happy to recommend your business to others in the local area, including their clients.

This can be highly beneficial. There may be local accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage brokers as well as other tradies in these networking groups for you to tap into.

You can try and research local networking groups in your local area. They may be morning or evening, some maybe for general business owners; others may be more applicable to your industry.

Network with existing customers

Why not ask regular clients if they would be eager to refer your services to others in return for a rebate or special offer?

Take the time to get to know your clients and build a relationship with them.

Network online using social media

Nowadays, it is difficult to find somebody who is not on any social media platform. Compared to old marketing methods, social media permits you to target your local clients in far more rapid and less expensive means.

And yes, you can network on various platforms like LinkedIn as well as in local Facebook groups in your area.

Join exclusive online membership sites

You can become exceptional in your marketing style by joining exclusive online membership listing sites. Ones like Tradebusters Connect, allow you to meet and network with other businesses in your local area to help generate referrals.

Need Help In Growing Your Trade Business?

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