Tradies Fall In Love With Google Ads

Google Ads Can Be Your Next Best Business Partner!

Google Adwords is a gold mine for tradies. If you appear on the first page of Google search results, you’re guaranteed traffic and more potential customers.

We go deeper into what Google Ads can do for your trade business.

  1. More customers

The trick to getting the more leads and customers is to make sure you are “there” when locals need your services. Given over 80% of locals search online, it goes without saying, you need to be on the top pages of Google to get their attention!

However, unless you have a massive SEO budget, getting such high page rank can feel almost impossible for the average tradie. Which is why you should love Google Adwords! It allows you to instantly get visible on the top Google Pages!

  1. More visits to your website

Admit it. You need to be seen to be clicked on so that people can find out about your services.

A Google Adwords campaign helps you get those clicks combined with an effective website that communicates your services, points of difference and contact details, you can be confident to get that phone ringing!

  1. Build your brand

Have you ever noticed the same business floating on the top of the search results with a Google Ad? You are probably familiar with their name even though you have never used their services. That’s the power of a Google Adwords campaign! Building your local brand and name, which is exactly what these businesses are doing.

If you want help with a Google Adwords campaign, Tradebusters Connect can help with this as well as a complete online presence solution.

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