Building the foundations of a strong trade business

Growing a small business can be rewarding but also challenging. Most likely, there will already be established businesses in your target market and industry.

Fortunately, knowing a few marketing tricks can help your business stand out from the crowd in your local area.

Check out our top 4 latest marketing tricks.

Get found online locally

The internet is your best friend. It is affordable, efficient and a must for any serious business owner to have a presence on.

Learn how to link your business to websites like Yahoo, Bing and Google for extra local exposure. For instance, you can start with Google My Business. This lets you post details about your business – easily accessible for customers. Put in your prices, operating hours and even photos. People will only find out what you offer if you put out the word. Make sure you tell them just how useful you can be for them.

Search for influencers in your area. You can connect with them so they can help you spread the word. For instance, online local directories like Tradebusters Connect can help you spread the word better. They have social media accounts and websites that can showcase what your business can do.

Become a problem solver

Some marketers will tell you that a success story can be compelling enough for people to notice you. Put up a blog. You can also include tips, news and other useful information. People will turn to you and take you more seriously if they can learn from you. Most blogging tools and sites are free. This gives you endless opportunities to reach your target audience. See to it you update your content regularly for better exposure and search ranking.

Pound the pavement in your local area

Even with your online efforts, it still works to send out the word traditionally. Print out flyers and encourage word of mouth in your local area. Get yourself know as the trusted local “go-to” for your services.

Do not be afraid to get help

You will need the help of other people if you want to become known in your community and market. You can hire a publicist or a local marketer experienced in your area. You can hire them on a freelance or consulting basis to cut on costs. They can give you insights about your industry and marketing strategies unlike any other.

You can also sponsor community events and little gatherings to introduce yourself to the community and build yourself a strong local brand.

Need Help In Growing Your Trade Business?

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