Social Media Tips for Tradies

Social Media Tips for Tradies

Social Media and Tradies

It is a fact that social media shaped both our personal and business lives in the last 10 years. It is a very powerful tool that can you can leverage on as a tradie. With the proper platform and the correct use many tradies found success with it. The use of social media in Australia is at a record high and data suggest that it will only increase further in the years to come. It only makes sense for you as a tradie to leverage on it since it is the perfect vehicle to reach more clients.

Social Media Tips for Tradies

If you are not using media or have you used but unsure how, then you have come to the right place. The team at Tradebusters have compiled a list of tips that will get you started with social media.

Social Media Tips for Tradies

Complete your profile

Your profile is like your resume. This is one the first things that a potential client will see, so be sure to complete it and highlight your expertise. You will only do this once, so you need to spend some time with it.

Don’t be too salesy

Your social media post should never be too salesy. People tend to shy away from such posts. Instead, you need encourage them to read your post by being creative and showcase your trade.

Engage your followers

You need to engage your followers by posting questions, polls or asking a feedback. It can be anything from “What is best colour to use” to “How can we improve our services?” This creates a sense of involvement and also creates a trust between you and potential client.

Don’t be afraid of negative comments

Of course the goal is not to get one, but sometimes it is inevitable. You need to handle it professionally, by offering solutions to the problem. This will showcase your “customer care” commitment and some clients are keen to seeing this.

Don’t settle with one platform

The more platforms you use, the more chance of reaching more clients. Explore alternatives to Facebook. There are tons of social media platforms out there that you can find success on.

Be human

People want to interact with people. Your social media post shouldn’t always be a carefully curated piece. You need to be human. You can post about other things outside of your trade, perhaps share your hobbies with a picture of you doing it. Again, this creates a sense of trust and familiarity.

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