7 Reasons Why “Maybe” You Should Get Rid Of Your Website!

Why It May No Longer Be Worth Keeping Your Website

What the $%^? you say?

It’s true! Yes, we reckon that most businesses are probably wasting their time and money keeping a website alive, especially when most of them aren’t doing their jobs – making you money!

Further, in the last couple of years, Google has changed the goal posts on how it ranks websites and SEO. It’s been said that 90% of marketing companies have not changed their strategies to respond to this, meaning more wasted money on your part in keeping a website that is doing you more harm than good.

What else? Here is our list on why it may no longer be worth keeping your website.

  1. If your website is the only thing that exists about you online, get rid of it!

Google your name and business – this will show you what prospects see when they look for you online.

If only standard profile listings and your website show, then it’s a bit of “nothing special about them” moment for your prospects, meaning they will simply move on. So why keep it?

  1. If you are still paying for SEO backlinks, get rid of it!

Traditional backlink building will only put you in more trouble. Google has changed how it ranks backlinks. Stay away from companies that ask for your money on backlinks and make sure you ask your existing SEO company what SEO tactics they are using. Without knowing it, they could be slowly killing your website right now.

  1. If you aren’t active on any social media platforms, get rid of it!

Today’s consumers search for both your website and social media presence. Like it or not, being active on social media platforms gives you an extra layer of credibility.

In fact, some businesses invest more on their social media presence than their actual websites as they understand the growing importance of this.

  1. If you don’t have regular mentions on credible 3rd party websites, get rid of it!

Credibility is built from what others are saying about you, and today’s online consumers is looking for that 3rd party source. This means they will be searching your name online to hear what sites have to say. It may be mentions of your work on other sites or guest blogs or articles you have been featured in. Google also ranks you higher if you have more credible mentions – making “mentions” good and valuable SEO that you should be investing in.

  1. If you have no strong online competitor as point of difference, get rid of it!

Got a plumbing or bookkeeping website? Awesome! So do the other thousands of you! No point being online unless you have a way to stand out from all your other competitors!

  1. If you are not investing in building a trusted online name and reputation for your business, get rid of it!

Did you know Australian business trust levels are at an all-time low. The 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed an 11-point decrease in trust in business, with trust levels falling below 48%. For the first time since the Global Financial Crisis of 2009, trust in Australian business has dipped below our trust in government.

NSW Fair Trading also reported an increase in complaints.

And more than ever before, consumers are trusting Dr Google to form an opinion about you and decide if they “trust you enough online”.

The most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that building a trusted online brand and reputation is the #1 online marketing investment every business should be investing in.

  1. If you want to ignore that it’s 2015/16 and that every single day, your prospects are checking you out online, you bet, get rid of it!

People will check you out online regardless of how you meet them. Do not risk sending prospects to competitors who make a better online impression than you. Invest properly in your online presence or don’t invest at all.

How did you go?

The good new is, you have two options, both of which will save you a load of time and money.

  1. Pull the plug and get rid of your website today.
  2. Don’t want to do that? Chat to Tradebusters Connect and see how they are helping other businesses like yours make their website well worth keeping!

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