Biggest Marketing Mistakes To Avoid As a Start-up Business

Challenge for Start-ups

Marketing mistakes are inevitable no matter how big or small your business is. However, the challenge is even greater for start-ups since they still do not have a benchmark to compare which strategies work or not.

We have come up with a list of marketing mistakes to avoid, helping you push your business forward without the added expense.


Don’t make these mistakes

1. Splurging on Big Marketing Tactics Immediately

We all want to go out with a bang but it does not always work especially for startups. As much as you want to take the industry by storm, you have to plan your steps carefully.

This means putting together a carefully considered marketing strategy that will help you get to your end goal.

Take the time to test online platforms and your audience with a small budget.

You have to find the platforms that work best for your type of business. For example for a local trade, Facebook may be the best place to showcase pictures of your work. For a local accountant, Linkedin could be better.

Focus on your angles, PR work and communication plans with your customers.

2. Using the Wrong Social Media Channels

Sure, Pinterest may be a popular platform but are your customers on it? Before you commit time and money to a particular social media platform, take the time to asses if it’s the place your target customers are also spending their time on.

Build your online presence and interactions in those platforms.

This tip not only applies to social media but on your overall online presence. Are you networking with the right databases and other online communities?

Is your website broadcasted to your target audience?

3. Staffing Up Too Much and Too Quickly

Yes, you want to bring in the best people to push your brand to the top but do not splurge right away on “high-caliber” marketing staff. First, they can be expensive and second there may be other options first.

Exhaust all available and free platforms before you develop or expand your marketing team. Assess how much you can manage on your own, but at the same time know when to call in the experts. The right marketing expertise can make all the difference in helping you achieve the end goal.

Source expertise that can demonstrate a successful track record with similar businesses to yours.

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