How Getting Online Can Double Your Business

Now Building a Brand Name is No Longer for the Big Guys!

Google and Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry previously joined forces to bring more small businesses online. Why? Kate Carnell, CEO of ACCI, says:

“The internet provides small businesses with the unprecedented ability to reach more customers and achieve greater efficiency in ways that until recently were only available to their larger competitors.”

Research by Deloitte reveals that Australian SMBs who invested efforts to go online have twice as much potential to grow. They are also four times as much likely to hire more staff. However, there are still many Australian SMBs that still need to work on their web presence.

Here are three ways how embracing the digital age can help grow your business, just like the big brands.

  1. Gain Customers At The Same Rate As Large Brand

Gone are the days when people have to visit malls to buy something. Almost everything is available online and experts predict that social media usage will continue to rise. Online shopping has merged with social media platforms allowing people to find products faster. Small businesses have the opportunity to get an equal footing and opportunity against big names so long as they build the right web presence. It is no longer about having a huge brand name and budget.

The digital age has also made it important for businesses to focus on their reach and engagement. Consumers’ purchasing decision now depends on the brand they can relate to, information that are useful to them and convenience.

Regardless if you are a small business, you stand to gain customers in the same rate as big names so long as you can provide these.

Websites, like Facebook and Twitter, have already invested on “Buy” CTAs (Buy call to actions) allowing customers to purchase products within the platforms.

  1. More Affordable Advertising

The digital age has allowed people to access information in a more affordable, sometimes free, way. This comes at a good price for startups because advertising is not what is used to be. It has become more targeted and cost-effective.

As mobile advertising and social media marketing have been rapidly evolving, small businesses can now attract customers given they have compelling digital content. It now revolves around the message more than just big billboards and well-known models. Anything that can intrigue or spark the interest of consumers can be the promotional foundation of a business. As with other internet hits, if you offer content that are good enough, people will engage and follow you.

Other opportunities include optimised PPC campaigns, retargeted ads and display advertising. All of which can be done within the comforts of one’s home. No need for big infrastructures or massive labour force.

  1. More Loyal Customers That Trust Your Business

Whilst one may argue that the internet, with all its possibilities and information makes its harder for a small business to compete, let’s not forget one important consumer behaviour that has never changed- over 70% of consumers value a recommendation and using a business they can trust.

This provides an opportunity for smart business owners to develop a trusted online brand and presence through their website, social media accounts and building credibility on other websites to demonstrate to customers they are a trusted choice.  

To leave off how much the digital age has changed the playing field for small businesses, we leave you with some words from Bruce Billson MP, Minister for Small Business and Member for Dunkley:

“The internet is like rocket fuel for small business, it helps business owners show off their products, reach new customers, and grow.”

If you are in trade, finance or real estate estate services and are looking for opportunities to build your online business brand check out Tradebusters Connect and see how it is helping other local businesses stand out and win in the online space.

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