Expert Tips on Home Renovations

Renovate for Success!

Planning a home renovation? It could be quite difficult to identify the key areas to spend on given the number of things involved.

Fortunately, we consolidated experts thoughts about where the best “places” are to spend on when renovating your home.

  1.    Structure vs. Aesthetics

We all want our homes to look their best but more than just the appearance, spending on the structure will likely give you better returns. Buyer agents will tell you that most smart investors are particular about structural renovations on top of middle-of-the-road aesthetic improvements.

Be careful about spending on flooring and roof renovations because they can be expensive. Check all parts of your home and see which ones need attending to first. Weigh the costs. Are you over-investing?

  1.    Hiring the right tradies

Hiring the right tradies is not an area to cut corners in, especially as it may be more costly in the long-run. Always do your research and for any major renovation, ask to see their work.

  1.    Focus your renovation spend on what you really need

Creating the perfect home does not have to be as pricey. As a general rule, always think timeless, and not trendy. Consult a builder on what parts of the house needs enhancements. Get an estimate on building costs.

Functionality always trumps appearance so always make a list of your essential must-haves. Your interior designer will probably have good ideas on how to enhance the aesthetics of your home even using basic materials. Even a simple repainting job can transform your space.

Some useful renovation spend areas include a functional kitchen, bathroom or a proper electrical system or plumbing network.  

  1.    Always plan and be guided by local experts

Most home renovation disasters could be avoided if planned properly. Do not commit the same mistake of heading into a home renovation with barely any clue of what you want to do. List down what you want. Assess them against your needs and budget.

As mentioned earlier, hire the right professional tradies to guide you through the  home renovation project. Builders, local architects and designers will likely know the regulations in your area and what plans will pass local authorities.

Do not get discouraged if you experience local council knockbacks too. Some homeowners experience house plan rejections because of unnecessary additions or incompatible but it is just part of the process.

This only emphasises how important planning way ahead is.

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