3 Top Trade Directories To Promote Your Business

Promote Your Trade Now!

Being listed on a trade directory is one of the best ways to get publicity for your business.

As a tradie, you may not have the time or a huge advertising and business development budget to generate regular leads so this is also where online trade directories can help.

Coupled with the advantages of the internet, and consumers relying more and more on these platforms to source local businesses, online trade directories are now in the best position to help you achieve the exposure you need.

Read on to find out the top trade directories in the country and their differences.


TrueLocal has been on the scene since 2006.  Locals love using locals so in this respect, TrueLocal is well know to many Aussie households. The website claims it has millions of visitors each month.

Consumers can search for tradesmen by relevance and location. They also offer the same services via a mobile app to bring people closer and more conveniently to the businesses they need. It is a great platform but for some businesses, the number of tradies and users may be more of a double-edged sword. It will take great strategy to remain afloat or visible amongst all the competition.  In addition, consumers can write reviews about you on this site, so it is something you need to manage in terms of watching out for both positive and negative feedback, and ensuring you respond back.

2. Get Quotes

Get Quotes, on the other hand, has a system where consumers log in jobs and you are notified by SMS or email of job leads.  You can fairly easily set yourself up with a profile to receive these leads. It could be a good lead generator especially if you are short of work and have time to respond. The quote however does go out to at least three other trade businesses, and the website boosts over 40,000 service providers making the competition extremely high and meaning your prices may need to be extremely competitive in order to be successful. For this reason it may not suit every tradie especially if you are operating a larger business with higher operating costs, or simply have a higher quality of work standard and are not willing to compete on price alone. 

3.Tradebusters Connect 

Tradebusters Connect, is a directory with a difference and aims to be Australia’s “most trusted” network. It targets customers that are looking for trusted and reputable businesses. It is not as large as some of the other directories, and doesn’t allow any trade business to automatically register. The platform promotes a Top 3 local business pick by area, meaning each trades business is interviewed and screened for membership and positions are limited. The membership also includes online public relations exposure, expert positioning and social media shout outs across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ among others. This is suited for a trade business that wants more than just a basic listing, and wants to attract higher quality customers by increasing their online brand and exposure as a trusted business choice. 

For more information, visit  Tradebustersconnect.com.au

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