Current Online Marketing Trends for Local Business

Understanding Online Businesses

Running a local business requires understanding what other businesses are doing online and simply keeping up!

So what are other local businesses doing more off right now?

We list three keys areas where there seems to be more focus on at present and so may be worth considering with your online marketing strategies.

  1.  Social Media + Good Content

Social media is big at the moment and only growing.

More and more businesses are putting out regular content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, amongst others.

In the social media space it is all about “getting noticed”, so think about some of the following:

  • Interesting content. Write catchy titles on your posts
  • Post regularly to stay relevant and ever present in your customer’s eyes.
  • Remember that hard selling is long gone. Human-interest content coupled with useful information does the trick these days.
  1.   Invest in Guest Blogging

Blogging remains relevant in today’s online world. It has become part of a new trend in helping business owners position themselves as industry expert.

Getting reach with your blogs is important, so it may not be enough to simply write blogs for your own website. Look for opportunities to be featured on third party websites as this helps build your credibility.

Online consumer marketplaces like Tradebusters Connect allow its business members to feature such guest blogs.

  1. Engaging With Customers On The Right Platforms

Not all platforms will be suitable for your business and it would be impossible for any local business to have a presence everywhere. Narrow down which social media sites or online platforms your customers like to use and concentrate on building you presence there.

For instance, targeting housewives may mean more effort on Pinterest or Facebook group than say, LinkedIn.

These are just some of the current online marketing trends. All it takes is proper research on both your industry and find the right ways to engage with your target customers.

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