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Is Internet Marketing Important To Local Businesses?

How to get more customers online

Are you running a local business? Do you question whether internet marketing is important for your success or not? Most marketers will agree that many local business owners still do not understand the benefits of having a focused online marketing strategy.

So let’s start with what happens when one needs a local service like a plumber, electrician or even an insurance broker? Where is the first place you start your search? Bet it’s the internet!

This common action alone tells you why just about every local business should be thinking about their internet marketing strategy.

3 reasons to consider an Internet marketing strategy

1. The internet is the new “media”

If you ask someone when was the last time they used a phone book or number from a billboard then the answer should go along the lines of “not ever” or “I can’t remember.”

The internet has replaced traditional forms of marketing. It is now the primary publicity tool and as a local business owner, you need to be absolutely visible in this space.

2. Being present online is not enough

Yes you have your online accounts but do they deliver the results you want? Being successful online is more than just existing. You have to get noticed.

Every other local business like yours most likely also has a website meaning online success is more about “how you set your business apart”.

These could include: updating your site regularly with interesting articles, interacting with your social media community and building your online brand as a trusted business choice.

3. Managing a business is tedious

How many hours are you currently working? As much as many business owners “know” they need to do more online, it usually falls off the to-do list and never happens. A good internet marketer can very quickly get you visible online and with their experience and know-how will likely save you a lot of time in the process.

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