Trend Towards No Fuss Renovations

Think “Easy” When Renovating

Consider a no-fuss approach on your next home renovation project.

According to experts, there has been a surge recently in interest over easy renovations and transformations without sacrificing the quality. If ever you are thinking of doing a home project then you might want to consider the home renovation trends we have outline here.

High Design but Low Maintenance

Previously, whenever people desire  a  high quality or premium design, there is a corresponding notion that it requires more effort than those that come with a standard design.

It’s not the case anymore. A good professional interior designer will tell you that the millennial factor is now in effect. Low maintenance components now made the list of home trends to watch out this year. Consider quartz countertops and steel products. Additionally, there are now easy-to-assemble pergolas, motorised canopies and cellular PVC outdoor structures.

The idea is less fuzzy but still with the right functionality.

Smart and Luxurious Appliances

Luxury appliance lines are becoming more cohesive and top of the line. Not to mention the incorporation of smart technology like Wi-Fi operations. Appliances are now available in richer “suites” categorised under three: master, professional and heritage. Though, this still depends on the manufacturer.

The idea is that appliances can come off in a complete group but also stand alone on their own much like how Lexus offers a similar approach but is still completely different to Toyota. Check with your builder and designer on how these appliances fit to your overall picture.

You may also want to consult a plumber and electrician to see how to wire and connect them to all other systems or drainage in the house.

Virtual Reality and Digital Technology Are the New “Practical”

Say for instance you want a living room or kitchen renovation. You got your designer, your architect and builder to come up with plan that offers great functionality and traffic flow. However, you won’t know if it really works or not until it is finished. This is where virtual reality comes in. Products like Holoroom are offering a chance for homeowners to experience their dream kitchen before it comes to life.

Likewise, there will come a time that people will have to accept and adapt that virtual and other types of digital technology have trickled to almost every aspect of the home.

Smart kitchen appliances and interconnect home devices will continue to spread across all home, according to experts.

Home Renovation and Tradesmen Help Is Right Here!

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