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Outside the Box Marketing Ideas for Tradies

Looking for ideas on growing your business?

In trade business, the idea has always been that you have to spend money to earn money. But there’s no saying which marketing investment will work. The success of any marketing strategy depends on your trade type, target market and execution. If you’re working with a budget then here are some quick win marketing ideas you can look to implement for your business.

1. Industry referral

The tradie market is saturated with many quality businesses competing. As challenging as it can be, it also serves as a huge opportunity for you. Build partnerships with non-competing businesses to offer value added services.

If you’re a plumber, why not pair up with a builder or electrician for wider range of services?

networking for tradies

2. Facebook community groups

Businesses and customers alike use Facebook Community Groups to sell and find services. Be part of local groups to find prospects.

3. LinkedIn for tradies?

While it’s seen more as a corporate networking site, don’t overlook its potential. Your LinkedIn profile can be used to establish relationships with other businesses and customers. For example, as a plumber or an electrician, you can connect with local real estate agents via LinkedIn and then look to introduce your services.

4. Customer referral

Customers often rely on people they know like family and friends for tradie recommendations. Social proof is very powerful that you might want to develop a customer referral campaign to get more leads.

So ask your customers to refer by handing them over your card and flyers.

5. Become referrable online

Your reputation is everything!

Whilst most tradies only worry about their “offline” reputation, the fact that over 90% of customers search online, is making your online reputation more relevant than ever before. Online reputable networks like Tradebusters Connect offer trusted tradies the opportunity to be recognised by customers in their local area as a recommending Top 3 Business Pick, meaning instant credibility and brand value.

Need help in growing your trade business?

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