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How to Promote Your Business For Success

The value of marketing your business right

Marketing your business is crucial regardless of the type of business you are, a  local tradie or even a small book-keeper.

By marketing and promoting your business right, new and existing customers will see the value in your services to try you, come back again and even refer you. It all comes down to identifying cost effective methods of promoting your business so that you can deliver the right message.

And so what is a good right message to consider promoting? Top of our list is, showing customers that YOUR business is the answer to helping SOLVE their problem.

So how can you promote your business?

There are three basic rules in a successful business promotion program:

  1. Start and stop, meaning test, trial and measure results
  2. Offering temporary incentives to build referrals and more prospects
  3. Using staff and alliance businesses to strategically promote to their networks

With any promotion, it is always important to test it to see which offers/deals work best for your target market.

Some effective promotional offers you can try include:

  •         bundled services promotion
  •         add-on service discounts
  •         referral discounts to existing clients for new business referrals
  •         free trial periods
  •         contest/raffles
  •         register-to-win
  •         gift card for referrals

The great thing with a promotional offer is that it doesn’t need to cost much to trial and you can test it for either a limited period of time or just on a certain customer group to see if it’s effective.

It’s important to plan and review

Review your current marketing strategy and compare it against competitors. You should be able to differentiate what works for them and what can work for you. There are also countless materials/media to choose from to promote your business. These include: social media, e-mail marketing, brochures and website creation among others.

Make sure your content is simple but also direct to the point. Avoid hard sell but do not be as cryptic. Tell people what you can do for them in a simple way. Also see to it that all of your materials have call to actions to them.

Remember online trust and great reputation sell

With today’s social media environment, the internet provides a great cost-effective avenue to get your name and promotions out there like, example, Facebook. Ultimately most customers are looking for a business they can trust and using social media and developing a strong online presence to promote yourself as a trusted business choice should be every businesses objective. Getting your customers raving about you on social media, online testimonials and pictures of your work are all effective ways to achieve this.

Need Help In Growing Your Trade Business?

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