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3 Quick SEO Tricks for Tradies

Want More Website Traffic?

Let’s face it. Most of your customers are right now using search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for your services- whether you be the local sparkie, interior designer or builder.

So if you want them to find you, having a basic understanding of how SEO and search engines work to get your website ranking higher is a must.

Here are three powerful elements related to keyword use that can help your website rank higher.

1. Include keywords in your blogs and website pages

A search phrase refers to a combination of words/keywords that people use to look for specific information online.

For instance, if a customer is looking for an electrician in Sydney, then examples of search phrases they may use include:

  • Sydney electrician
  • Find an electrician in Sydney
  • Recommended electricians in Sydney, among others.

Therefore, when writing blogs and content on your website, you should consider using relevant keyword search phrases as part of your SEO strategy.

However, be careful not to overuse such terms as our friends at Google don’t like “keyword stuffing.”

2. Work with only a few keywords

Using too many keywords can be difficult to manage and may take longer to get results.

Select several variations of your main keyword to use in your blogs, webpages or any advertising campaign.

As provided in the example above, if you’re offering electrical services in Sydney then you can start with Electrician in Sydney, Sydney electrician, Sydney electrical services as well as being more specific to include your local suburb and region like Electrician Northern Beaches or “Electrician  Bondi.” Sometimes these “local” keywords can get you quicker results.

3. Convince partners and affiliates to link to your website

High quality links to your websites are marketing and SEO gold. They will increase your score on Google’s metrics.

The more websites that link to you, the better your exposure. And even better if they reference some of your keywords and phrases.

Be careful of SEO companies that offer you a “link- building” strategy as some of these could do your website more harm than good.

Remember it is better to have 5 quality links from other reputable Australian websites than 200 poor quality ones!

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