Local SEO Know-How for Tradies

Getting More Local Customers

Local SEO has been gaining popularity the past few years. It’s common knowledge that most Aussies prefer to “go-local” and you need to be the business they see.

This makes local SEO all the more important for tradies. The better your local SEO strategy, the more you can engage people near you who are looking for the products and services you are offering.

Here are three essential reasons proving local SEO should be on your to-do list.

3 Tradie SEO insights

  1. People rely on local listings

One of the most important factors of local SEO is ensuring you have a presence in local area business listings. It’s the starting point for most customers searching for your services.

The trick for good tradies is working out which directories are going to give them the best exposure. Many are highly competitive and there is nothing worst from a consumer (or tradie) perspective to need a plumber and have 200 local businesses pop up!

Try and get exposure with exclusive local directories that limit the number of business listings in your category. Tradebusters Connect is one of them.

Be consistent in providing the correct contact details across all the sites you list with, and if you change your mobile number, don’t forget to update them.

  1. People trust local recommendations

The more positive reviews and recommendations your business have, the better your image to potential customers will be.

People respond well to positive reviews because they know these are created by other local customers in the area. Start by encouraging your most loyal customers to leave reviews about your business. They can even do this on your Facebook page.

The more genuine the reviews are, the more effective they will be into turning leads into actual customers

  1. People want to know who the local experts are

We are currently experiencing information overload, so having localised and specific content can benefit your business.

By posting content you’re not only impressing Google, but also potential customers.

It’s also a great way to showcase your expertise and set your business apart from the local competition.

Ways you can do this include:

  • A tradie “how-to” guide to solving common home problems
  • Sharing a video of one of your jobs
  • Writing blog tips.

Quality content will help you gain relevance, trust, and engagement with local customers.

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