Tradies Online – “Just Google Me!” and Convert More Customers Today!

Tradies Online: Let’s face it; you’re being Googled!

Welcome to January 2015!  It is probably the most important time of the year for any tradie in business to take some time out and set the goals you need to take your business to the next level.  So what’s on your goals list for this year? 

After reading this recent article in Forbes: How to Protect Your Online Reputation, you may want to think about adding Building and Managing a Great Online Reputation to your list.

The writer talks about the competitive edge opportunities of building a great online reputation, how professionally important it is and how many businesses are simply too lazy to do anything about it.

Lazy? Really? Can you afford to be?

Question…. do you Google a business you are planning to use? I know I do! And so if the majority of us are, then isn’t it fair to assume that at some level we all accept Google is a key influencer on the decisions made by our potential customers.

Tradies Online: Why does trust and reputation in business help with sales?

Very simply because we are human! No matter how great you or your services are (and how much you tell potential customers so), part our emotional need is to feel that a service provider can be trusted.  Trust can be established through external sources and in the online world of 2015, it’s name is Google.

Google is defining your business reputation and brand today!”

If you’re still not sure, here are some interesting facts you need to know:

  • Google is the first place people look before forming an opinion about you.
  • Over 1 billion names/businesses are Googled every day.
  • Over 84% of Aussie consumers trust and rely on professional recommendations.
  • Most of your own prospects have probably Googled you.

Tradies Online: What is Google saying about you today?

We know that most people that plan to do business with you will Google you. So how about, using that to your advantage and aiming to increase your conversion rates with a straight up, “Just Google Me.”

But as a trade business, are you prepared to confidently say this today?

Try this little test to find out.

Step 1: Google your name and business.

  • Do you appear on the first page of Google (an absolutely must!)?
  • Are you happy with what is said about you?
  • Are there third party sites that mention you in a positive manner?
  • How many spots in Google do you take up (more is better, and if you have more than 3 pages, you’re doing great!)?
  • Do you have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin? And are you ALIVE?  Meaning your last post wasn’t three years ago?

Step 2: Do the above exercise for three of your top competitors as this will show you what your potential clients are comparing you against. How do they look? How do you compare to other tradies online?

Step3:  Set a goal and make a decision! Do you need to add “Improve My Online Reputation” to your 2015 goals list?

Tradies Online: 5 ways to Unlock a Great Online Reputation in 2015

  1. Create a regular blog on your website – Post and share content through your newsletters and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Set a schedule for posting articles to your website where it’s every 2 weeks or 6 weeks- the key here is – be consistent.
  2. Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter?  Assess which ones work best for your business and schedule some regular activity- again consistency is key. If you have opportunities for other businesses to be mentioning your business through their channels, even more powerful for credibility building!
  3. Reputation check – Do you consider yourself a reputable trades business and can you prove it? Look to get onto local chambers in your area, Master Builders Associations and other exclusive membership groups. Look at Tradebusters Connect for example which profiles only the top 3 pick of most reputable businesses by area. These are the tradies who are standing out above the rest.
  4. Expert opportunities – Look for opportunities with third party reputable websites to be featured as an “expert” with your tips and contributions. Link these features back to your website – even create an “In the Media” section on your website to showcase these.
  5. PR opportunities – Are local and online PR (public relations) opportunities available to you? If so, take advantage of them! There are fewer things that build trust and credibility like quality PR, and it could be your most powerful marketing asset.  Here’s a great quote by Bill Gates himself: “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR! “

Tradies Online: What you can do right now!

If you are ready to manage your online reputation and nurture it to be your most effective conversion tool- then embrace it! A proactive approach, especially in today’s competitive environment, can absolutely help you gain exposure, brand recognition and boost your business revenues.

Are there opportunities for you to be profiled on exclusive trade sites such as Tradebusters Connect? Check if you meet the Tradebusters Connect membership requirements and if you do, then it really could be the ideal platform to help you establish a strong and trusted reputation for your business.


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