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Tradie! Don’t Make These 4 Marketing Mistakes

Tradies and Marketing!

Marketing is the lifeline of all businesses including tradies and if you want to survive, it would be best to know what mistakes to avoid.

We list four!

1. Not bothering with marketing at all

Most tradies know they need to market their business.

But, way too many tradies complain it’s not something they have time for.

Since the average tradie has at least 100 local competitors, not investing in marketing as a way of standing out from your competition can be costly short and long-term.

2. No website or social media presence

Let’s face it. With so much competition out there, it’s getting harder to get the attention (and trust) of customers.

A great website and social media presence can help you achieve this.

It’s a critical must for all tradies in business.

3. Doing the same as everyone else!

The downside of today’s growing digital age is that consumers have access to everything – resulting in information overload and, an inability for great tradies to stand-out from the rest.

That’s why you can’t do the same as everyone else online!

Look at joining exclusive online networks like Tradebusters Connect that help tradies get online cut-through and stand-out from all the competitors.

4. Ignoring feedback

Feedback is crucial for every business operator, whether it be from your customers or your business circles.

Never ignore constructive feedback especially when it comes to effective ways to market your business.

Having the right marketing help can take away the time and risk needed to execute an effective marketing strategy. And as you can see, it’s also essential, in getting cut-through in today’s competitive trade industry.

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