Public Liability Insurance For Builders in Western Australia

Builders Protection with Public Liability Insurance in WA

The number of building businesses in WA is growing and there is a need for businesses and individuals to protect themselves financially.  Public Liability Insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance for a huge range of WA businesses, no matter how small.

Public Liability Insurance can safeguard your building business from the financial risk of being found liable for damages to person or property.  For some WA businesses, it may be mandatory to take out Public Liability Insurance.  Other businesses take it out to make sure they have peace of mind.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover for builders?

Public Liability Insurance protects builders in WA  from the financial cost of damages to person or property that has happened because of the activities of the business.

No matter how careful you are, the unexpected can happen and a serious incident can mean you or your business will be responsible for paying huge amounts of money following a claim.  If you or your building business is found negligent, the costs you will need to cover may include medical expenses, rehabilitations, replacement or repairs.

If you are covered by Public Liability Insurance, your insurer can pay these costs for you and it means your business won’t suffer financially.

Builders are at risk and need Public Liability Insurance in WA?

Public Liability Insurance is vital for a wide range of WA businesses, particularly those that work in a higher risk area.

For example, businesses that deal in construction or building should always have Public Liability Insurance because there is a higher risk that something may go wrong.  Any other business where there is the potential for damage to occur to property or another person should also take out Public Liability Insurance.

Remember, it’s not just businesses that need Public Liability Insurance.  Subcontractors in WA also often need to have Public Liability Insurance.  A lot of tradies who work as subcontractors will find they won’t even be able to enter a worksite unless they have Public Liability Insurance in place.  If you work as subcontractor, the insurance of the person or company who has hired you usually won’t cover you.