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3 Ways to Get Instant Customers by Tomorrow

Tradie Lead Generation Tips!

You’ve sent out mails, distributed flyers and posted on social media but you’re still not getting the stream of customers you need. What can you do?

Here are three ways to get instant customers for your trade business by tomorrow.

Tradie Lead Generation Strategies

  1. Google Adwords

Your customers are online everyday and they “google” just about everything they need.

So it’s no surprise, Google is the top visited site today and therefore a great place to expose your business.

Contrary to what many think, it’s not as expensive compared to traditional forms of marketing.

Consider using Google Adwords to reach local customers searching for your services.

Imagine, your business appearing on the first page of Google within a matter of hours.

  1. Local Facebook advertising

You probably heard people “going local” when they shop.

Recent studies revealed that consumers from all age segments rely on social media like Facebook to find out what’s happening in the local area.

Local Facebook advertising is therefore a great stepping stone to finding more local customers. Afterall, customers “trust local” especially when it comes to tradie related services.

It’s easy and effective in letting you instantly target your ideal customers right down to the suburbs you want to work in.

  1. Ask for referrals

Referrals remain among the most effective type of lead generation methods. The way you talk to your clients is important in encouraging repeat business and building a referral culture.

Your customers will remember you and recommend you naturally if they had a great experience. So think about asking for referrals directly or letting your customers know how much you would value introductions to their neighbours, family and friends.

Aside from offline customer referrals, you need to think about being referred online, given it’s where 90% of customers search.

Online networks like Tradebusters Connect can help with this. Since customers trust what they read online and Tradebusters Connect vets and interviews each business, it’s a great platform for helping build your online credibility with locals in your area.

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