Google My Business work for tradies

Google My Business for Tradies – Does it Work?

How to make Google My Business work for tradies?

When Google + closed its doors, local business started looking for alternative online solutions to promote their business, and this is where Google My Business (GMB) steps in. In a past life, Google My Business was known as Google Local Places, which is a big clue about who will get the most benefit out of the product.

When a business opens a Google My Business (GMB) account, a page is automatically created. Like Google +, the GMB page is designed to act as a social profile for your business. You can share information such as business hours, contact information, a local map for directions, and a lot more.

How does Google My Business work?

If somebody is searching for your trade business in a certain area, a local plumber or electrician, for example, your GMB profile may show up in the search map results. It’s an excellent opportunity to get in front of customers when they need you the most.

Plus, they have access to all your contact details right away, without the need for further research by clicking through to a website, although you can create one of those with GMB as well.

A free website

Every business should have a website, but they can be expensive and complicated to run. With GMB, every business can have a free site that is also simple to setup and use.

For plumbers, electricians, and other trades who wouldn’t necessarily need a complex website, the GMB solution is a viable option that won’t drain the marketing budget.

Sure, the website might be simple, but for a lot of businesses, it’s enough to get the job done, and free is a pretty good price in anybody’s ledger.

Share information

You can keep your profile fresh and current by posting helpful posts, tips, and tricks related to your industry, and maybe a few piccies as well.

Information you post which helps your visitors doesn’t provide immediate revenue, but it’s still a worthwhile endeavour. Firstly, you show that you are present and engaged with your business. You can also take the opportunity to display your expertise.

When people see an active GMB profile, it will help build trust. Your curious visitor then becomes a hot new prospect, and they are one step closer to becoming a paying customer. And don’t forget, all of this is happening without spending a cent on advertising.

Take advantage of reviews

This is a big one. Your visitors also get access to any reviews which have been left by previous customers, which is nothing new. However, Google has added a feature where you can respond to a review, which is excellent for telling your side of the story or just saying thanks.

Does GMB work for tradies?

We have established that Google My Business is free, it’s uncomplicated, and it comes with a lot of power under the hood, but does it work?

The best answer to that is to ask whether you want your business to have more local area exposure. Otherwise, your competition get it. Just do a quick search now and you’ll see how many of your local area competitors are jumping onto GMB.

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