How To Find a Dependable Plumber

Finding a dependable plumber is a must

Let’s face it: there are a lot of unscrupulous plumbers out there. These plumbers typically work for just a few minutes, then leave you with a gargantuan bill that will make you swear never to hire professional plumbers ever again.

However, to say that all plumbers are like that would be unfair. There are  many professional plumbers that have built reputable businesses and genuinely care about giving you the best experience with them.  We know so, has we meet and worked with  many in the Tradebusters network.

Finding a professional plumbers that ticks the box for skills, licensing, experience, reliability (and even like ability) is a must especially for those major plumbing emergencies you are bound to face in the future.

So what do you look for when it comes to selecting the right plumber for your home? Here are some of our tips for  helping you find a truly dependable “drain surgeon”.

License checks are a must

Simply put, don’t hire a plumber who doesn’t have a licence.

Believe it or not, there are many non licensed  plumbers operating out there. Most state licensing bodies require that plumber be licensed.  A reputable plumber will usually display their licence number on their ads, business cards and quotations- and if they don’t it is certainly worth doing afew extra checks.

In addition, one common miss is ensuring the business “type” is licensed appropriately. For example in some states, if a business is operating as a  “partnership” or a “company”, then that entity must also hold a licence.

Check for plumbing experience

Most professional plumbers can fix routine plumbing issues, but what if you have something more major going on- plumbing for a new house build, a kitchen or bathroom renovation, residential works verses commercial?

All plumbers are different and may have different areas of speciality so therefore if important to establish that you not only have a licensed plumber but also one that has specific experience for the nature of works required. How do you do this- you ask ? Ask what types of jobs they are doing in a normal week- is is more routine maintenance work or major like renovations. Obviously the more complex the job, the more checks you may feel are needed included reference checks.

Plumbing quotes

It is always smart to ask for plumbing quotes before taking on the services of a professional plumber. For smaller emergency services many plumbers may be able to quote an hourly rate for you over the phone. Just check it looks reasonable. Hourly rates generally range from $60 per hour to $90 per hour, and in addition some may charge an extra fixed call-out rate.  For  larger more complex jobs, a fixed quotation may be more appropriate. When you ask for plumbing quotes from professional plumbers, make sure that they include a breakdown of labour and material costs.

Keep in mind, however, that finding a dependable plumber should not depend on how cheap or low the quote is. Price, after all, is just one of many factors in finding a dependable plumber, and unfortunately some of those cheap looking quotes can end up being the most costly option when things go wrong.

Protection with insurance

Ensuring that a plumber carries the right insurances when performing work on your property is crucial. It is to protect yourself, as much as it is for the plumber. In a worse case situation you can be held responsible (legally and financially) if  a plumber or any other persons injures themselves on your property whilst works are being carried out  Ask for a copy of the plumbers Public Liability Insurance and ensure it is current at the time the work is being carried out. Reputable plumbers are most likely to carry a copy with them which you can sight  when they arrive at your place.

Finding a dependable plumber does take some time and effort-  however, it will be well-spent if it means you’ll end up finding a trusted and reliable plumber who can be your permanent go-to guy if and when you need plumbing jobs done.

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