3 Reasons Why Every Tradie Should be On Facebook

Building Credibility through Social Media

As  a tradie, building credibility is essential in winning over new customers. And in addition, there is the added challenge of standing out from all the local competition.

And that’s where social media platforms like Facebook can give you the extra needed “edge” to get customers over the line.

It can also be a valuable lead generation platform in connecting directly with your local target audience.

So why use Facebook to grow your trade business?

1. Great Way to Build Credibility 

– a social media presence builds trust.

People use social media more than any platform on the internet. They use Facebook to search for people, businesses, products and services.

Believe it or not, your potential customers will check out if you have a Facebook business account just as much as they would look at your website. They want to see what you are up too and what others have to say about you.

2. Share your work 

– Remember the saying that seeing is believing?

Especially in the trade profession where it’s all about the quality of work. Sharing pictures of your work (before and after) if you are a builder, landscaper, bathroom or kitchen renovator can be extremely powerful in converting new business.

Encourage your clients to post testimonials as well. This is all information they seek to evaluate in deciding if they will hire you.

3. You can reach your local market through advertising 

– it is easier to reach people within your neighborhood through Facebook paid advertising campaigns. This includes precise suburbs, gender and even workplaces. Done right, Facebook advertising can be a extremely cost-effective way for new business lead generation.

There’s a reason why small businesses have seen year-over-year improvement with their business results. It’s all thanks to the power of social media. Digital marketing like branding on social media is a convenient and a low-cost way of spreading the word about your business.

All it takes is patience, proper understanding and relevant information to stay afloat.

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