Tradesmen Marketing Tips: 3 Ways To Personalise Your Marketing

Keeping Your Marketing Messages Personal

There is a growing demand for more personalised marketing messages to customers and prospects across all industries – including local trade businesses.

From online ads to email messages, customers are showing more interest to businesses that can talk to them directly and relate to them on a personal scale.

So how to get more personal and avoid generic sales pitches and marketing tactics?

We share three tools and tricks!

The Tradies Way to Get More Personal With Your Customers

  1. Use short personalised newsletters

If you have been reaching out to your customers through email then why not use a more sophisticated tool in getting your message across?

MailChimp is a newsletter tool which can help you send out short and sharp personal messages to your database. These can be scheduled to be sent every month or two so that you stay top of mind with customers. This also cuts down the time you need to send individual emails per person.

Simple and effective, what more can you wish for?

  1. Research prospective customers

The best way to get personal with your customers and target audience is to know more about their background. This also allows you to profile them and learn more about what their preferences may be like.

Some experts have recommended the use of Rapportive for business emails. The platform allows you to utilise your business emails to the fullest. It pulls LinkedIn data directly and gives you a profile of the person together with his or her emails. You can also access other important information like company contact, position, etc.

  1. Join local online networks and directories

Nothing beats being part of a local directory network that customers trust to connect to tradies. Local directories like Tradebusters Connect promote only a handful of reputable tradies by category meaning you will not be competing with hundreds of other businesses on a generic directory. Plus, since it’s a combined reputation platform by promoting you at a personal level, you have a better chance of earning customer trust and winning their business.

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