5 Traditional Marketing Strategies for Tradies

Back to Basics Marketing

While online marketing has been on the rise since the innovation of technology and the internet, traditional marketing is still undoubtedly alive and kicking especially for the local tradie.

Below are four traditional marketing methods still relevant for helping your business grow.

  1. Local Newspaper Ads

    If you service a specific local area, running local newspaper ads is one of the most practical ways to get the word out about your services.

    Newspapers are still distributed regularly, and readership can multiply fast. For a fairly reasonable price, you can enjoy exposure to thousands of local residents.

  1. Tradie Magnets 

    Promotional tradie magnets are very cost effective to produce and have the benefit of lasting for years.

    Consider handing them out:

    • In streets where you are doing a job
    • To local real estate agents
    • At malls, schools, and other public places

    This can help you slowly but surely build your brand and get more customers.

  2. Local Sponsorships

    Look out for schools, pubs, and other local establishments that are looking for sponsorships for their upcoming events. It wouldn’t hurt to partner with them especially if the event is connected to your trade.

    Sponsoring local events will not only give you more exposure, but will also allow locals to see that you are actually concerned and involved in how the community is doing.

    This will positively affect your brand.

  1. Door to Door Sales 

    Going door to door trying to find clients is not an obsolete strategy, especially if you already have a project in a particular area.

    For example as a builder or landscaper you can knock on local neighbouring doors and invite them over to see your project.

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