How to build your online brand as a trusted trade business

The digital age makes it possible for every business to be visible to the world online. It is a double-edged sword which can either work in the advantage or disadvantage of your business.

We list down some tips and tricks on using online channels to build your trade business and brand and tap into the internet advantages.

It starts with your website

Marketing in a digital age is synonymous to having a website for your business. Most people turn to online search when checking out products and services they need. You can reach your target market immediately if you have a website telling them what you can offer.

Many tradies also fail to realise the importance of their website landing pages. Your landing page is the ticket to converting traffic to actual leads. Design your page to entice curiosity and more interaction from users.

It is your first impression online – the foundation of your branding initiatives over the internet.

Social media to build customer relationships and trust levels

Social media can boost your online presence and credibility. Investing in a page can help you reach out to more prospective customers and also engage with existing customers.

Especially for a tradie, social media platforms like Facebook can be a great way to showcase examples of your work and customers testimonials.

People are also more interactive on these sites over other websites. Check out user behaviour and trends in your target market. Tailor your social media profile to build a following.

Join online tradie networks for greater reach

Consider having a profile on other network sites to help drive more traffic and customers. For instance, if you are a tradie then you can connect or work with directories like Tradebusters Connect to reach more people and grow your business.

Often homeowners rely on these directories because they provide a one-stop experience for finding recommended and vetted tradies.

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