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5 Top Tips to Market Your Tradie Services Whilst Working on the Job

Did you know marketing your trade business locally can be easy and inexpensive? 

Everyday you are on-the-job is a golden opportunity to market your tradie services to the local community. Don’t waste it!

You are in the right place at the right time and with these simple techniques you can maximise your return on time and your marketing dollar.

Tip 1: Encourage word-of-mouth opportunities  

Say Gday to the neighbours, the owners or customers in the local shop. In a conversational way make sure they know what trade you offer.  If people are talking to you or about you then your brand is getting exposure!

Tip 2: Become a moving billboard

Advertise your trade brand on your vehicles and clothing so even when you are head down, bum up or ordering your lunch your brand is visible.

Tip 3: Maximise brand awareness

Get noticed by the neighbourhood.  Display signage visible to pedestrians or drivers. A moving flag is a great way to attract attention without taking up space or being a hazard.  Add a catchy tagline to make them remember your trade business!

Tip 4:  Walk the streets

Pop your promotional flyer into the letterbox of the neighbours on your way to get lunch or when on site, pop your promotional flyer into the letterbox of the neighbours.  Magnets work well for this, as they stick around for longer and therefore are front-of-mind.

Tip 5: Love the local community

To really stand out in a local area, this is the ideal mass-market strategy! Offer to do a quick show and tell for the kids at a local primary or preschool. The kids will love it, you will feel great and the schools will actively promote you to their parents.  A little harder to do AND worth it!

We hope this tips will help you market your trade business on the job today.

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