Online Gadgets and Tools to Make Running a Trade Business Easier

In today’s society, individuals and businesses are turning to the Internet for numerous different things, and as we become more reliant on Internet technology, we are finding more online gadgets/tools to make running a trade business easier.

Marketing & Visibility

It was not that long ago that a listing in the local phone directory and word of mouth were enough to keep most tradesmen busy, and they are both still useful for both marketing and visibility, but in many cases, they aren’t enough.

Today, when someone is looking for a tradie, they often turn to search engines such like Google, or online directories like Tradebusters. Which means that professionals from trades including building, plumbing, painting, electrical, landscaping, carpenter, cabinet making, and more can benefit by having a website. When people use a search engine, they often pick their tradesman from the first few listed in the results, so if you do not have a website, or you have one that is badly designed, you could be missing a lot of business.

Even newer than search engines are the local directories that can be found online. Many of these directories feature customer reviews, or only list tradesmen that have passed a qualification process. Some potential customers may even choose a tradesman using apps on their smartphones.

This is why it is imperative that you keep you with the times and stay competitive with the modern marketplace. A small, well put together, two or three page website that lists your background, references, and a few project photos is usually enough to help build credibility and ensure online exposure.

Another great tip for tradies is to set up a profile on one or more of the numerous social media platforms that are currently available. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are all great tools for keeping in touch with existing and potential customers.

Estimates & Invoicing

Most people today find that they have to watch their finances and because of this often ask for an estimate before agreeing to have any work done on their home or property, and of course, once the work has been completed, an invoice has to be completed and sent out. Fortunately, there are many online invoicing programmes that let you fill out your estimates and invoices quickly and easily using web based technology.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online or Using a Smartphone or Tablet

Another great tip for tradies is to find a way to be able to accept credit card payments online through your website, or even at the work site using a smartphone or tablet. Many customers today like to pay using a credit or debit card; in fact, many people do not even keep a chequebook or cash on hand anymore. Meaning, that if you cannot accept credit cards, you are going to lose a lot of business. However, many systems will allow you to accept credit card payments online through your website (which is another good reason why you need a website). Alternatively, you can make life even easier for yourself and your customer by being able to accept credit card payments through your smartphone or tablet.

Here at Tradebusters Academy we are committed to helping tradies succeed in business with numerous tips for tradies, events, and trusted service providers.

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