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Sydney Painter: 3 Ways to Get More Business

Are you a Sydney painter looking for more clients?

All businesses need a strategy to get leads, which also includes a Sydney painting businesses. Without fresh leads coming in every day, a steady stream of paying customers to a painting business can dry up fast.

While the rise of the Internet has, in some ways, made it easier to market a business, it can pose fresh challenges to business owners who are used to the more traditional forms of advertising. To help these organisations out, we have compiled this list of quick tips painters can use to keep their phones ringing hot.

1. Create a website

The majority of people will turn to the internet whenever they need to locate a new business, which usually means they pull out the smartphone in their pocket to look for tradie websites.

Once upon a time getting a website up and running posed quite the challenge to the average business owner but times have changed. With environments like Wix and WordPress, building a site is a lot easier than it used to be and wholly within the capabilities of the average internet user with just a little training.

So, not only does a painting business require a functioning website, but it also needs a site which looks good on small screen portable devices as well as desktops. The simple fact is if your business doesn’t yet have an online presence then it’s most likely losing a lot of customers to the competition.

2. Invest in an SEO strategy

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation, which describes a technical strategy a business can use to ensure their website achieves a listing in the search results.

If a user, while looking for a painter, types in “house painter, Sydney” in the search box, an SEO optimised site will stand a good chance for appearing in the results for that search term.

3. Trade directories listing

Trade directories have been around for a while now and are still an excellent resource for getting the word out for Sydney painters. Visitors to trade directories report that they find the reviews on these sites a reliable indicator as to the quality.

However, most trade directories will list any business which pays the monthly fee. Of course, this is a perfectly reasonable business strategy, but a new type of site called a Tradebusters Connect goes a few steps further than the typical trade directory by vetting a business for reliability, quality, and trustworthiness and even completing full reference checks.

In the case of Tradebusters Connect, only the top 3 businesses in a given area will gain a listing in their business category.

If you’re a painter, be sure to give Tradebusters Connect a call today to find out how you can achieve new heights for your painting business by gaining a listing on their site. You will be surprised at how much a difference it will make to your bottom line.

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