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Trading Terms and Conditions: Services and Documentation

Trading terms and conditions: Clear and concise terms and conditions are important to your business

Your potential clients need to understand what is expected of them when they choose you as their professional tradesman. How do you help them to understand the concept of payment for your services and use of your business website? You hire professionals to help you create your trading terms and conditions documentation. Without clear documentation and information, clients and potential clients can take advantage of you, which will hurt your income as well as your business credibility. Read more

5 Ways For A Tradie To Screen Customers

Are customers wasting your time?

Being a tradie comes with its benefit as well as its drawbacks. One of the major challenges every tradie faces is time management, especially in an industry where giving “Free Quotes” is expected.

The problem with free quotes is they’re FREE. And because they’re free, it allows customers to use and even abuse your time.

Sadly, “time wasting” customers cannot be detected automatically.

So, how can you ensure you do not waste your time with customers that are just “fishing around”?

As a tradie, one of the necessary things to do is screen your potential customers carefully.

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What Tradie Doesn’t Want To Get Paid On Time?

5 Ways To Get Your Customers Paying

Let’s be honest, as a tradie in business getting clients to actually pay on time can be a nightmare. It’s even worse when you have to waste valuable time chasing those payments.

So how do you cut down on the stress and management of late paying customers?

Check out our tips.

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What is the Most Popular Insurance for Tradies?

Tradie Insurance Packages

There are a lot of insurance companies out there and some specialise in trades insurance packages. The reality is you will need insurance for your business from the onset, however you will need to sift through the packages and find one which suits your business and your needs. Insurance is here to protect you so you are not caught out without the right cover in place. To make life easier for you, we’ve outlined some of the most common insurances that tradies need below.

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5 Ways to Fund Your Trade Business

Financing Options For Your Startup

Setting up a trade business is a great opportunity to earn more and also have your own freedom. But getting started can be challenging, especially in securing capital to purchase what you need and to set-up a viable operation. It is a common problem for any new start-up and unfortunately many businesses fail in the early years due to lack of funding.

Here are five ways to help fund your business and get some extra capital.

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Small Businesses in Australia Are Failing: Here’s Why

What’s Happening to Small Business in Australia

Australia’s major shopping hubs are filling up with lease signs. Whereas the country is best known for its small businesses – accounting for 97% of all businesses – shops are closing at an alarming rate. According to the figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 60% of small businesses shut down within three years of operation.
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3 Top Trade Directories To Promote Your Business

Promote Your Trade Now!

Being listed on a trade directory is one of the best ways to get publicity for your business.

As a tradie, you may not have the time or a huge advertising and business development budget to generate regular leads so this is also where online trade directories can help.

Coupled with the advantages of the internet, and consumers relying more and more on these platforms to source local businesses, online trade directories are now in the best position to help you achieve the exposure you need.

Read on to find out the top trade directories in the country and their differences.
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How Tradies Can Squeeze The Most Out Of Insurance Premiums

How Tradies Can Save Today on Insurance Premiums!

Finances are usually one of the biggest issues that keep us awake at night, and for tradies the reality is that budgeting can be difficult when there are so many expenses to juggle.  Insurance is a necessity as it covers you financially if anything goes wrong but the premiums are an additional expense you need to consider.  The worst thing you can do is forget about insurance completely as this could cost you thousands when it comes to a claim but there are steps you can take to keep your insurance premiums low.

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4 Ways For Tradies To Work The Business

Why Tradies Sometimes Need to STOP!

Many tradies in businesses struggle with breaking through that glass ceiling and achieving huge success because the owners are stuck working in the business rather than on it. It’s important to stop. Don’t lose contact with your current business plan, your projects, or your staff.

Here we will talk about our four main tips on how you can ensure your business is growing rather than staying stagnant.

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Insurance For Tradies – The Hidden Cost Of Under-Insurance

Tradies be aware of the hidden cost of under-insurance

When it comes to the immediate cost of premiums, it can be tempting for tradies to under-insure or even choose not to insure at all as a way to save money.  This may save some money initially but in the long run can cost you serious money because you may be leaving yourself open to significant costs.  It’s also important to remember that your insurance premiums can impact on the price of insurance premiums in general. Read more