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How Can I Separate My Business from Dodgy Rest?

Because it’s so competitive out there!

It’s no doubt that today’s competitive online world makes it harder for the professional tradie to stand-out. And not to mention, customers are so overwhelmed with all the online options that they simply cannot tell, who is dodgy and who is so-NOT?

So as a great tradie, how do you get online cut-through and ensure customers know you are one of the good ones?

  1. Harness the power of online testimonials

Repeat customers

Let’s face it, customers spend an incredible amount of time online researching your business even before they pick up the phone.

Ensuring you have solid online customer testimonials can build your credibility as a trusted business choice meaning customers will call you and not your competition.

It’s important that your testimonials are as legitimate as possible.

Way to achieve this:

  • Ensure you display the full names and contact details of each person providing a reference
  • Add their picture if you can
  • If you have pictures of your work to support the testimonial, even better.
  1. Build your social media presence

Social media has become another “fact-check” tool for most customers. Most consider social media pages as important as websites. Customers will check for information on you through their social media network so it’s best to make sure you have a good reputation through these platforms as well.

As a tradie you have the opportunity to share pictures of your work as well as customer feedback to build credibility as a legitimate business operator.

  1. List your business on exclusive branding building local directories

As a tradie you probably come across many local directories offering opportunities to profile your business.

But herein is the problem. Many allow “anyone” to join- including dodgy operators without the right qualifications or insurances.

As a result if you are profiled alongside them, you risk brand damage.

The professional tradie should seek out more exclusive listings that don’t allow “anyone” to join. For instance, Tradebusters Connect screens and vets each business and only profiles the most reputable local business owners. Such networks aim to build your brand by helping you stand out from the dodgy rest.

This in turn means more quality customers to grow your business.

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