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Find a Local Electrician in Sydney: 7 Questions To Ask

Tips in finding the best local electricians in Sydney

Everyone wants to hire tradespeople that are good, but if there is one trade that we all should be absolutely sure about, it would have to be a Sydney electrician. It is one of the riskiest trades around and we could be putting ourselves and our families in danger by selecting an inexperienced or uninsured electrician with accidents like wire tripping, electrocutions, and worse. 

Safety is key in finding and selecting the right electrician in Australia for your home and so you do need to know the right questions to ask.

Here are some questions that we use at Tradebusters when meeting and screening recommended electricians across Australia to join our network. Hope they may help you!

1. Do you have the licence to do electrical work?

This is a legal requirement in just about every Australian state. It is imperative that the person you are considering to hire as an electrician has a licence to do actual electrical work by that states licensing authority, which you can check online. Ensure the licence is in their name and not someone else’s (as unfortunately some unethical electricians will try and get away with operating unlawfully under another persons licence number).

2. Do you have insurance?

Electrical work is rather risky work and it may be hazardous. Ensure that the electrician you are planning to engage can provide you with a copy of their business current Public Liability Insurance policy. That insurance should protect not only the ones doing the electrical work, but also those living in the house and other people entering your property should an injury or property damage occur. If the electrician does not have this, you are accepting a huge risk that could be financially and personally destroying should an unfortunate incident occur to others on your property.

3. Do you have references for past jobs?

You can count on past customers to tell you the truth about any given electrician. If you are planning to use an electrician for any major jobs, especially a new house construction or major home renovation, ask the electrician to provide contact information of previous customers that they have done similar work for. A good reputable electrician is likely to have a strong base of regular customers that he/she can share with you and should have no reservations about providing you their details.

4. How long have you been working as an electrician for?

Like most trades, the longer the individual has been in the profession the better, especially in a trade that is possibly dangerous. Ideally you would want an electrician in your state that has a minimum of three years experience. If you have any concerns about this, ask to see their qualifications and check out their ABN details online to see how long they have been operating their business for.

5. What kind electrical work do you specialise in?

Like all other tradies, electricians have their own specific specialities, or may have more experience and training in a particular area. It could be a speciality in electrical repairs work only, bathroom and kitchen renovations or new home rewiring works in the tens of thousands of dollars.  To make sure the electrician has the right set of skills and experience in the kind of electrical work that you require, ask your prospective electrician what his or her area of specialisation is.

6. Can you give me an estimate for the entire job?

Before hiring an electrician in Australia, it is important that you ask for an estimate first. Ideally, the estimate should include a breakdown of everything that the job involves, including materials, incidentals, labour and other things that may be affected in the performance of the electrical work. For small electrical jobs, it is not uncommon that the electrician may charge you by the hour. Just make sure it looks reasonable. This could be anywhere from $60 to $90 per hour. Some may also charge a service call fee or a higher rate for after-hours or weekend work.

7. Who is going to do the electrical work?

Do not always assume that the person you meet for the quote is actually the one who will perform it. While that may apply to minor jobs, major electrical work may require a team to perform and complete. When it’s a team, be sure to discuss upfront about their levels of experience and the rates of each member of the team.

We hope these questions can help you find the right electrician with care for your home.  If you need help in finding a qualified electrician in Australia, contact our team and we can tell you about suitable electricians that have been long standing members of our network. With just one call, you can find an electrician in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and any other Australian states with us today.

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