How Your Tradie Story Could Be Your Best Marketing Tool

Get Personal With Your Customers

There are many tradies unable to answer what their “story” is.

Your story can have incredible branding value especially if it communicates your ethics, mission and values as a business operator.

A compelling story can be an important bridge to getting you new customers and keeping them.

Here are 3 ways to build your story with customers

  1. Explain your background and what made you go into business

Customers are more likely to appreciate the services and products you offer when they understand you as an individual and business operator.

Maybe you decided to become the local area’s “clean plumber” because you didn’t like the way other plumbers operated or a builder because you love transforming spaces.

Customers love a good personal story and sharing it is a great way to build trust and a long lasting relationship.

  1. What are your values?

Your values will speak volumes of what people can expect from your business.

Let them know what ideas you uphold, so they understand your commitment as a business operator.

You may have certain values related to your profession like around the insurances you maintain or how you manage, train and develop your staff.

Customers will remain loyal to you if they appreciate what drives you.

  1. Share something personal

To build rapport, share something personal with your customers and prospects.

It might be simply telling them about your family or community events you are involved with.

Always remember that each and every customer could be your best source for new clients and revenues- introductions to their family, friends and neighbours, so why not take that little bit of extra time to really get to know them.

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