Why Tradies Should Go Paperless and Cashless

Saving Money and Be Efficient

These days many tradies are going paperless and cashless. Why?

Aside from saving lots of money, and paper, it can also improve your business operations and cashflow.

Find out how right here.

  1. Imagine getting paid instantly

That is one of the huge benefits of going cashless. Perhaps you can offer credit card payments to your customers?

Whilst there is a small transaction fee involved, the benefits can be greater- getting paid instantly, in full and the same day as completing the job! 

It also reduces the administration time involved in creating manual invoices, emailing them and chasing and allocating payment. 

Most people also want their transactions done online so this also offers them a convenient way of transacting with your business.

  1. Less paper means greater efficiency and better compliance

It may be time to get rid of the your shoe-box receipts!

One of the big benefits of going paperless or “in the cloud” is all your transactions are held securely in the one place. And, this also means better compliance with the ATO.

It makes it easier for your bookkeeper and accountant to perform their services and could actually help you save on service costs in the future.

Implementing a cloud based bookkeeping system like Xero or MYOB can help you become more efficient.

Need help? Chat to a tradie accountant or bookkeeper today!

Planning to go paperless or cashless? A great accountant or bookkeeper that specialises in helping tradies could be your best starting point. 

Why not contact one from our trusted network today.

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