3 Ways To Get Your Tradie Website Converting

How to Convert Most Customers for Your Business

Your website is key to helping you communicate with your customers.

Unfortunately, having a “standard” looking website won’t do it in today’s over-competitive online world.

You need to transform it into a platform that can convert customers and have your phone ringing.

Here are some tips on how to do this.

  1. Get personal with your website

One of the main ways to connect and convert more customers is to let them know who is behind the actual business. And yet it’s surprising how many tradies avoid getting personal on their websites.

Put up some pictures and share why you have started your business. Show your passion about what you do so that people can see you are genuine and can be trusted.

You can also show the team behind you. Customers like knowing who they will work with. People often decide who to hire once they are assured that the people they are working with are trustworthy. One of the best ways to do this is to introduce all your team members.

  1. Tell customers what you “promise”

Unfortunately tradies don’t all have the best reputation. So let customers know how you are different by stating in writing promises related to your service. These could include,  for example:  

  • Committing to showing up on time
  • Always cleaning up after the job, daily
  • Always coming back if there is a problem
  1. Share real customer testimonials

Never underestimate the power of testimonials for your business. It’s can really get new customers over the line.

Ask your previous clients if they can provide these including their contact details so that it’s clear they are real and genuine testimonials.

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