Small Business Marketing Guide for 2016: Top Digital Strategies

How Being Online Can Grow Your Business

2016 presents a multitude of opportunities for small businesses to grow especially with digital marketing. There have been countless reports on the growing spend in online advertising buying, targeted mobile apps, branded content and publishing. There are also reports on big corporations investing in proximity-based marketing technologies.

So amidst the intricate world of digital marketing, where do small businesses like yours come in? Fortunately, there is plenty of space and opportunity even for small players to do well in the online digital world.

Let’s face it, small businesses rule the online world. According to a study from IDC, small businesses with a website can earn an average of around $5 million online. Not to mention, some of those businesses are operating with no more than 20 employees. Thanks to some tried and testing online marketing strategies, making millions of dollars online is no longer just for large corporations. There is just as much opportunity for your small business to compete online and grow a truly successful business.

Like anything, it all comes down to having the right strategy in place and being visible online. We list a few online strategies to consider.

Grab Attention Through Inbound Marketing

What experience are you giving a customer that lands on your website?

Inbound marketing capitalises on a consumer’s attention. You can do this through fresh content, social media, podcasts, videos and other similar tools.  A clear inbound marketing strategy lays the groundwork to build a solid foundation with your prospects and eventually a sales pipeline.

Stay Top of Mind with Retargeting Strategies

This allows you to track prospects visiting your website or joining your database list. You can then subsequently engage in displaying retargeting ads or regular newsletters to these people.

Retargeting allows you to start building a relationship with potential prospects and stay top of mind  in the consumer’s daily life.  It’s an opportunity to create regular and meaningful conversation through quality content and letting consumers know that you have the answer to their problems.

A Responsive Web Is Important

Several studies have proven the increasing number of people using their mobiles mainly for searching products and services they need. The importance of a responsive web design cannot be stressed enough. Always keep responsive web design (RWD) in mind.

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