How to Market My Building Business

Local Builders, Get More Customers!

Promoting your building business in order to attract the right quality customers requires having a marketing plan in place.

Here’s how you can do this for your business.

  1. Set a marketing plan and budget

As the saying goes, marketing is not a cost but an investment.

By preparing an annual marketing budget, you will know exactly how much you have to spend and where to put your money, based on the best return on investment.

Your marketing may be a combination of traditional methods like print as well as online methods that build your brand and help generate new customer leads.

  1. Establish your business and marketing “brand”

Every business, including tradesmen and builders need an “identity” that sets them apart from the growing competition.  This is your business brand.

Decide what you want your brand to represent.

Some examples that can come out in your website and marketing messages include:

  • Professional and reliable service
  • Always shows on time
  • Always completes projects on time and within budget
  • Your specialties: is it only new homes, major renovations, second story builds, etc.
  1. Get online with your marketing

With over 90% of customers having access to a Smartphone and the internet, it goes without saying, you must have an online marketing plan for your business.

Look for opportunities to market your business in the areas you service.

Consider joining reputable networks like Tradebusters Connect that not only help you get local customers but can also help build your brand and social media presence.

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