Tradie Websites – 3 Quick Ways To Get Traffic Now

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As a local tradie you probably get told by everyone, “you need a website”. And many tradies spend thousands of dollars building one. But, you soon figure out the website build alone will not necessarily get you traffic and customers.

So what does? It’s making sure your website ranks well by the search engines so that you show up in search results.

Whilst you can spend thousands of dollars a month with an SEO company to achieve this, there are a few quick win optimisations you can do to immediately improve your websites ranking.

3 Website Quick Wins to Getting More Customers

  1. On-page keyword optimisation

Think about it! If someone needs services, they will search online using common keywords like “plumber sydney” or “find local plumber” etc.

Therefore knowing what keywords people use to find your specific services is important so that you can ensure your website has pages and content containing these keywords.

This will improve your chances of showing up when people search.

Instead of focusing on very general and highly competitive keywords, you may have a better chance of being found by using more locally specific keywords. This requires research to know what keywords people use. (Google Adwords has a keyword planner to help with this)

Example keywords can be:

  • Builders sydney (general)
  • Builders eastern suburbs ( locally specific)
  • Local plumber (general)
  • Plumber eastern suburbs ( locally specific)

Include your keywords in the URL, headline, subheads, body content and image file names.

Be careful how much keywords you use in your body content, because too much may pose a red flag to search engines ( as it may be viewed as “manipulation”). You must alway use keywords naturally in your content.

  1. Get some inbound quality links

When other authority websites link back to your site, that’s called an inbound link. This is one of the most effective ways to gain credibility and in turn rank high on search results. Why? Because it tells Google that you are a real business!

To earn inbound links, you can consider:

  • Listing on reputable online directories that do provide you with a website link. Tradebusters Connect is one of them
  • Partnering with other sites for guest posts
  • Seeking online PR opportunities that provide a link back to your site
  • Publishing relevant, creative, and informative content through social media platforms.

Ideally, your inbound links should be other Australian websites.

WARNING: Be weary of SEO companies that promise you a “link-building” strategy, as unfortunately many of these are on overseas low quality websites. In time, these may cause your website more damage than good.

  1. Ensure you website is being crawled by Google

To let potential customers discover your website, you need to ensure it is indexed first, otherwise it won’t appear in the search engine page results.

This requires submitting your website’s XML Sitemap to Google.

Google Webmaster Tools helps you know if your website is being crawled and provides information on the number of pages indexed at any point of time ( including any errors).

Because this is technical, you may need to engage an SEO expert to help in the initial submission of your sitemap to Google.

These three factors can quickly help improve your website’s rankings, which over time means more traffic and customers.

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